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List of Workshops
These workshops are specifically designed as building blocks to help you thrive through your professional development in clinical psychology and to open endless new opportunities in a highly competitive industry.
Counseling Series

In this series, the main workshop is 'Active Listening and Socratic Questioning'. The workshop provides all what you need to know in counseling somebody. You will learn how to really listen to what people have to say, to ask the right questions and to respond in an empathic way. It is a basic skill all psychology majors need to have. It is also a useful skill for people in their home life. Most of the time parents, children and couples, talk over one another and don't assimilate what the other is trying to express and instead land up feeling disconnected and hurt. 

Internal Balance & Wellbeing Series

In this series, you have multiple workshops that are built in a specific sequence to help you learn about yourself and about others. These workshops are about internal wellbeing. How do you know when you aren't doing well internally? How do you know if you are being treated badly or are treating others badly? Most people want to be confident, so how does one go about getting that and increasing self-confidence? Can we really always be in balance?...No! Life throws us off balance all the time. But you can learn to get back to center and in the good times develop a general sense of balance and wellbeing. All the workshops in this series are designed to provide learnings and tools that will help you do just that.  

  1. Basics in CBT & REBT
  2. Dealing with Stress
  3. Compassion Training
  4. Assertiveness and Effective Communication in Relationships
  5. Self-Confidence Development

These are the blueprints that I always have tucked in the back of my mind, as I go into any session. 

Trauma Series

A 2 day workshop that will introduce you to PTSD and complex PTSD. On day 1, you will learn the basic neurobiology that underpins all trauma. On day 2, you will get an overview of the different effective ways to treat it. A must for any psychotherapist. 

CBT/REBT Diploma

A UK Diploma brought to you by the College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies in London, via CPD-PSYCH. When people talk about CBT they are really talking about CT as developped by Aaron Beck. REBT as developed by Albert Ellis, is often the forgotten sibbling. Yet it is part of CBT and a highly effective method, often more easily retained by patients. REBT is a life changing skill and therapy. 

CBT/REBT Clinical Applications Workshops

For those who complete the Diploma in REBT, you will have access to 4 more specialised workshops. REBT workshops explore over 4 weekends the clinical applictions of REBT in: Depression, Panic Disorder, Eating Disorders and OCD. 

Schema Therapy Full Program

This is an official and recognised Certification Program in Individual Schema Therapy by the ISST (International Society of Schema Therapy). Upon completion (within 3 years) of all 3 workshops, exams and supervision sessions, you will be able to register yourself as an International Schema Therapist and be part of the ISST. 

Schema Therapy Workshops

All 3 workshops constitute the accredited Certifcation Program in Individual Schema Therapy. However, for those who do not wish to become officially accredited schema therapists, you may take and pay for each workshop seperately. You will need to do this in sequence, e.g. you cannot take workshop 3, if you haven't done workshops 1 and 2. 


Continuing Professional Development in psychology for Lebanon and Cyprus.
Clinical psychology workshops to help expand emotional intelligence and connect you with a more authentic life.